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Eye Wellness Exams for Your Whole Health

Eye exams reveal a wealth of information about your health. They’re essential for detecting issues both in your eyes and the rest of your body before symptoms arise.

We use advanced diagnostic equipment to detect any eye diseases early when they’re easier to treat. And your exam is also a chance for us to improve your eye comfort. For example, if you’re feeling the effects of dry eye disease or digital eye strain, we can diagnose your condition and prescribe a treatment plan.

About Our Eye Exams

In your eye wellness exam, we’ll test your visual acuity, which involves having you read an eye chart and assessing your peripheral vision, depth perception, colour vision, and eye coordination.

We’ll also determine your refractive error so we can help you achieve clearer vision with glasses or contacts. And along the way, we’ll provide a full explanation of what we’re finding and how you can support your vision and overall health with good nutrition choices.

Your eye exam can include a comprehensive wellness scan. This includes in-depth, noninvasive optical coherence tomography imaging that lets us see inside your eye. We use the Optovue OCT to take detailed pictures of your retina to see any early signs of glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, or other eye diseases so we can begin treatment as early as possible.

Eating Right for Your Vision

A whole foods diet with plenty of colour and variety is essential for supporting healthy eyes and helping protect you against eye diseases. 

Vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids can all contribute to healthier eyes and good vision. Inflammatory foods, on the other hand, including refined carbs, vegetable oils, sugar, and processed meats, should generally be avoided. Inflammation has been linked to an increased risk of chronic disease.

When Should I Get an Eye Exam?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends adults have an eye exam every 2 to 3 years until age 39, then every 2 years up to age 64. People with diabetes may benefit from more frequent eye exams, as they’re at risk of diabetic eye diseases.

From age 65, annual eye exams are recommended. Everyone’s eyes are unique, so we might recommend a more frequent schedule based on your needs once we’ve had time to get to know each other.

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